USA Visa Immigration Process for foreigners

USA Visa Immigration Process for foreigners

USA Visa Immigration Process for foreigners

USA Visa Immigration Process for foreigners

People mostly preferred UAE / America for their requirement either for work or permanent live in America. However, if you plan on residing in The States permanently, you must attain an immigrant visa. For all who want to visit America have to strictly follow the term and conditions as mentioned below.

There are basically 2 categories to obtain the visas for US: non-immigrant and immigrant. Foreign nationals who intend to reside permanently in The States are issues with he immigrant visas. On the other hand, the non-immigrant visas are for the ones who want to visit place for a temporary period of time. Their are 100 of reasons behind that people why visit america for short time like for Business , Studying, Medical Purpose, or for other precise number of reasons.

Immigrant Visa

The USA visa immigration process for an immigrant visa is permitted to the individual who decides to work and live permanently in US. In almost all the cases, either a relative, or the employer of that individual sponsors them and files a petition with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Immigrants like people possessing extraordinary abilities, various investors, and others can file the petition for themselves. Their applications are then forwarded to the concerned US Embassy or Consulate for further necessary action.

Non Immigrant Visa

The USA visa immigration process for a non-immigrant visa is provided to the individual who wants to visit the place on a temporary basis. These could be as a tourist, business investments, medical treatments, or any other type of temporary work. However, the kind of the non-immigrant visa required by the person is defined by law of immigration and is related to the travel purposes. If you have planned to visit USA for Short time you can apply for non immigrant visa directly in USA Embassy for which you have to mentioned your purpose of USA Visiting and for the purpose you may required some necessary documents.

However, issuing a US visa doesn’t guarantee that the individual can easily enter the place. It is just an eligibility that indicates that the US officer of the American embassy has thoroughly reviewed the application of the person that they are eligible to visit for the indicated purpose of visit. The individual would be inspected at the port of entrance by the CBP officer to check if he/she is eligible to enter The States under the immigration law of US.

One must go through all the US immigration process thoroughly before applying for the visa. They must
know the different types of visas issued, their purpose of visiting, and in what category of visa issuance
dot hey fall so that the application procedure runs smoothly and they can easily visit The States.

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