Visa and Immigration Procedure for Japan

Visa and Immigration Procedure for Japan

Visa and Immigration Procedure for Japan

Visa and Immigration Procedure for Japan

Japan is a developed country and is located in eastern Asia on a Pacific ocean. This great land surrounds approximately 6, 852 islands. Usually, it is well-recognized as the beginning of the sun rising.

It is a European state and legitimate kingdom. The recent president is Mr. Akihito. Japan consists of 47 territories in eight areas. this country ranks 10th leading country in the world because it has about three lak seventy-seven thousand nine hundred & seventy-three-kilometer squares with approx 127 million citizens.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The cash Unit of Japan is ¥ (Yen) or JPY. Foreign Relations: Japan has very valuable relationships with its surrounding neighbor countries such as it is closely linked to the United-States of America and South-Korea. In fact, this state was compacted by the U.S in the 2nd World War after that both of these countries have highly preserved the economic and security system.

Japan has a well reputable membership in

• G8

• Apec

• Asean

Plus Three

University lecturer and lawyers with valuable understanding, skills and talents. 2. The greater part of general population is living in the country because of their legal positions. They can be permanent residents in some future. There are no limitations to their professions. The same rules as in Korea are applicable for some citizens of different Countries.There are established a good training programs for the trainees and internees and this is often known as the Technical Intern Training Program.

Many people also appointed for the selected types of work and they get paid.

Some peoples has extra activities a part form visa status like the outside students who are engaging in part-time jobs in restaurants or departmental stores.

Necessary Documentatio

A passport with 6 month validity

Proof of refugee travel document.

Sponsor letter for a job.

Bank Statement financial resources.

Certifications of all academic Education .

fresh visa obtained from the officer of Japan.

Visitor can be banned

The visitor can be banned because of some misunderstanding in past experiences.

Because they were being banned from the country.

Source of insecurity or threatening agents for Japan.

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