The first & basic step for interview preparation is easily done in a few simple steps. For a successful interview firstly you should look up example interview questions and answering them in front of a mirror at home. One thing keep in mind you should newer over prepare yourself because over preparing is knowing your answers by heart and sounding robotic which is not good! You should do is to answer the question differently for each time to get a general idea of how to answer. I practice each question at least twice and have a peer or former teacher mock interview me to provide me with criticism. The night before the interview, repeat your questions one last and go to bed. The morning of the interview, eat simple breakfast and you should never nerves do power poses to keep up your confidence. Another thing that helps is reading something inspirational i.e some one articles before leaving to give you a hopeful boost.


I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing what to wear for different types of interviews. For simple & smaller positions or if the group interview states that the dress code is business casual, that means khakis and a nice shirt. The majority of career interviews and school interviews will ask you to dress professionally. Dressing professionally falls under wearing suits and for females you can wear a business skirt and white button up with a blazer. Mostly dark colors ate terrible for interviews, you want to go for a subtle color like gray, navy, or black as a basis. For female interviewees, skirts have to be at the knees or longer and you have to be modest or the chances of being hired are lowered. Men and women should be clean and hair groomed, not in the face. Females who wear jewelry, it is fine to wear jewelry but your jewelry has to be minimal and does not wear anything gaudy. Another important tip is to not wear perfume or cologne because the person interviewing you may be allergic or they could be sensitive to the smell. Another important thing is if you have tattoos, they must be covered and not in the least bit shown. Last but not least, interviewers do not like seeing the interviewees wearing a lot of makeup.


A few days or the day before if possible, travel to where your interview is being held to make sure the address is correct, in this way chances to late on the day of the interview can be minimize. Being early is always a good thing but do not be earlier than half an hour.


I know it can be hard mostly, especially for millennial but when you are waiting for your interview; please do not busy yourself on cell phone. When you use frequently your cell phone, it shows that you are bored, ill prepared, and impatient. What you can sit there and you can read a magazine or just patiently wait to show that you are ready.


Answering interview questions are very challenging, but if you follow the first tip the questions than you will toggle out easily. The best tip for this portion of the interview is to take a deep breath, take your time to answer. When answering be creative and explain yourself in a little bit of depth but do not take too much time answering one question. you must know when to stop. Interview questions that ask about weaknesses or are like which appliance you would be, state what it is, and then explain how you are bettering yourself and for the questions like applicants explain why you are that said item.


After your turn to ask a question, if you have one, thank the interviewer for giving the chance and say along the lines that you hope to hear from them soon.

An interview on the outside seems hard and difficult to understand, but if you follow these tips and be yourself, interviews will be very easy for you. I pray for all of my readers the best of luck in their future interviews and remember to fake it until you become it!


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